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at Uluwatu Temple

Everyday at 5.45 pm and 7.00 pm

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Get a guarantee for your seat by buying the tickets in advance,
and redeem your E-Ticket on the available Special Line.

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Get a guarantee for your seat by booking tickets in advance, and redeem your ticket on the available special line.

Marvel at the beautiful sunset in the background, timed perfectly for this incredible show.

You will be enchanted by the hypnotic Kecak Dance with natural music, dazzling flames, unique and colorful cultural costumes.

"Kecak Dance, Must to see Arts Perfomances in Bali!"

          Uluwatu Temple is a must if you travel to Bali. His one of its highlights is the Kecak and Fire Dance Show that takes place at Sunset time. Book your tickets in advances to see this acclaimed show! As you enjoy the sublime sunset, watch the locals put on a mesmerizing show of traditional and hypnotic Kecak Dance with swirling flames and vibrant cultural costumes.The show is perfectly timed just in time for this. There is no doubt that it will be a memorable trip to the island.

Kecak Dance

     Also known as the Bali fire dance or the Ramayana monkey chant, the Bali Kecak dance show story is a drama based on the Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana.

     Although Kecak rituals have been around for a long time, the shows on display in modern-day Bali date from the 1930s. It is a dramatization developed by the German artist Walter Spies and the Balinese dancer Wayan Limbak.

     Dancers perform the drama by moving and chanting rhythmically. They start slowly and then gradually raise the tempo while falling into a ritualistic trance-like state. The mood rises and falls as storytellers, known as dalang, narrate the tale.

    There is no use of musical instruments in the performance – the rhythm comes from the various sounds and chants of the human voice. It is a unique and unforgettable experience you will recall whenever you think of Bali.

Kecak Dance Amphitheater Uluwatu Temple

Inside Uluwatu Temple – Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali


Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple

Yes, to guarantee you get a place to watch the Kecak and Fire Dance performances. Book your ticket before the show. Mostly ticket for Kecak Dance Uluwatu always Sold Out before the day.

Kecak Dance Uluwatu lasts for 60 minutes.

Yes, there are a few places to eat around the temple. But people usually have a dinner at Jimbaran Beach to enjoy the Seafood on the beach. Contact Us for more details, here

Yes, you can. But please beware the monkeys who may try to snatch your food!

Please wear clothes that cover your shoulders & knees as a sign of respect when respecting the temple.

Please show your Kecak E-Voucher to redeem your physical ticket and participate in this activity at the Kecak Counter inside Uluwatu Temple Area. Book your ticket before the show.


  • Children aged 0-1 can enter for free,
  • Children aged 2-9 will need child tickets for entry.
  • Children aged 9+ will need an adult ticket to enter.


  • The amphitheater of Kecak & Fire Dance show is in the Uluwatu Temple’s area. To enter the Uluwatu Temple, all guest has to buy the Entrance Ticket (IDR 50.000 for adults; IDR 30.000 for children)
  • If you choose All Inclusive Package to see the Kecak & Fire Dance show, you do not have to buy the Entrance Ticket anymore. It is already included in the package (show ticket + entrance ticket + private pick up and drop off service).
  1. Full refund will be issued after cancellation is made, minimum 24 hours before the selected reservation date.
  2. Reschedule can be made by the minumum 24 hours before selected reservation date.
  3. Refund and/or reschedule may be caused by cancellation due to force majeure and/or unforeseen events. This is subjected to the committee approval; Online Reservation will not be held responsible for unapproved rescheduled or refunds.
  4. Redeemed vouchers cannot be refunded.
  5. Contact Online Reservation Customer Service for any refunds or reschedule needed.


monica sidabalok
monica sidabalok
November 20, 2023
One of the must-go place to enjoy the sunset at Bali. The performance is very nice and it's a good way to presents the Balinese culture to the tourists. The show starts at 6 pm so be there at least 1 hour earlier to get the best seat. Be careful to the monkeys!
luthfia adlina
luthfia adlina
November 20, 2023
Pay 30k for park entrance and 150k for the performance (local category)
Melanie Vandenhirtz
Melanie Vandenhirtz
November 15, 2023
Ein tolles Erlebnis
Cindua 46
Cindua 46
November 15, 2023
Kecak (pelafalan: /'ke.tʃak/, secara kasar "KEH-chahk", pengejaan alternatif: Ketjak, Ketjack) adalah dramatari seni khas Bali yang lebih utama menceritakan mengenai Ramayana dan dimainkan terutama oleh laki-laki. Tarian ini dipertunjukkan oleh banyak (puluhan atau lebih) penari laki-laki yang duduk berbaris melingkar dan dengan irama tertentu menyerukan "cak" dan mengangkat kedua lengan, menggambarkan kisah Ramayana saat barisan kera membantu Rama melawan Rahwana. Namun, Kecak berasal dari ritual sanghyang, yaitu tradisi tarian yang penarinya akan berada pada kondisi tidak sadar,[1] melakukan komunikasi dengan Tuhan atau roh para leluhur dan kemudian menyampaikan harapan-harapannya kepada masyarakat. Tari kecak Penampilan tari Kecak pada penutupan pameran pendidikan di Kolese Kanisius, Jakarta. Para penari yang duduk melingkar tersebut mengenakan kain kotak-kotak seperti papan catur melingkari pinggang mereka. Selain para penari itu, ada pula para penari lain yang memerankan tokoh-tokoh Ramayana seperti Rama, Shinta, Rahwana, Hanoman, dan Sugriwa.[butuh rujukan] Lagu tari Kecak diambil dari ritual tarian sanghyang. Selain itu, tidak digunakan alat musik. Hanya digunakan kincringan yang dikenakan pada kaki penari yang memerankan tokoh-tokoh Ramayana.[butuh rujukan] Sekitar tahun 1930-an Wayan Limbak bekerja sama dengan pelukis Jerman Walter Spies menciptakan tari Kecak berdasarkan tradisi Sanghyang dan bagian-bagian kisah Ramayana. Wayan Limbak mempopulerkan tari ini saat berkeliling dunia bersama rombongan penari Bali-nya.[butuh rujukan]
Michael Kargar
Michael Kargar
November 13, 2023
Great culture experience
Faisal Bashir
Faisal Bashir
November 12, 2023
Bersih nyaman indah harga tiket ga mahal


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